DNS Zone

For now, enjoy six months for free!

No unexpected charges, so feel at ease giving it a try. If you exceed the set user limit, my apologies in advance!
Between you and me, if there's room in the user limit six months down the road, you can shift your account and kick off fresh for free.
I'm thinking of charging around ¥50 (about $0.5) per month, as planned.

Which record are we waving goodbye to?
Zero signifies DDNS.

The way to update DDNS is to send 'mykey' as 'yourCode' and 'ddnsdomain' as 'yourDomain' as POST data to the URL below.
Additionally, you can set the 'hostname' by sending it as POST data. If not sent, '@' will be automatically added.
Once successful, check with excitement as it gets added to the zone!
For DDNS updates, you can't refresh within a minute for the same domain.

Now Zone



Passing the check doesn't guarantee smooth operation—it's just a quick assessment.

No need for double quotes at both ends during TXT.

The label during CAA is just a blank (@).

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